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Shop around for the best odds against your selection. When you have decided on where to place your bet, state the number of your chosen horse and the stake, for example “nimber 4, £2 win”. Listen to the bookmaker repeat the number of the horse and the stake to his/her clerk and hand your stake to the bookmaker. You will then be given an itemised receipt that gives details of the bet and shows possible winnings. You should keep this ticket safe.


If your selection wins (or, in the case of a place bet , is placed) hand the ticket back to the bookmaker for settlement. NEVER destroy your ticket until after the “Weighed In” announcement has been made. there may still be a Stewards Enquiry and the first past the post, or placed horses may be disqualified. On rare occasions even the horse coming fourth has been awarded the race.You may bet with confidence with any bookmaker  on course as they operate with Administration Of Gambling On Tracks Ltd. (AGT) approval. In the unlikely event of a dispute with a bookmaker, please call upon the assistance of the AGT Betting Ring Manager, who can be found on the ground floor of the Grandstand Enclosure.the AGT also offers a ‘late pay’ service in case the bookmaker leaves the course before you have collected your winnings. Late pay claims should be sent to AGT, 3A Kings Hall, Parsons Green, St Ives, Cambridgeshire PE27 4WY.




Win only


A bookmaker taking each way bets will display the terms on which he/she accepts such bets on the top of his/her board. This is a bet for your selection to win or be placed.STANDARD TERMS FOR EACH WAY BETTING

Races with up to four runners   - Win only

Races with five to seven runners   - 1/4 the odds first 2

Races with eight or more runners   - 1/5 the odds first 3Handicaps with 12 to 15 runners   - 1/4 the odds first 3Handicaps with 16+ runners   - 1/4 the odds first 4AWAY BETTING

Many bookmakers will also take bets at the other race meetings today. They offer a comprehensive service, including bets settled TAX FREE at Starting Price (S.P.).


At reduced odds you can back a horse and collect if it runs second to the horse nominated by the bookmaker as favourite.


Name the first and second in the correct order.

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